PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY: In this type of services, we provide specific services under the following head. Unlike other categories of services (MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY/PROJECT CONSULTNCY), which is advisory in nature, and requires a lot of interaction, with the enterprise, this is more structured in nature and requires less interaction. In our opinion, this is suited for large and established enterprises, which have a specific task to be performed. In fact in PROJECT CONSULTANCY services, is nothing, but clubbing together (all or some of them) of all these services together. The specific services are as under.

LEGAL SERVICES: Every business activity (particularly in the organized sector), requires a lot of legal and procedural formalities to be taken care of right from the planning to successful operation. They may be essential (Incorporation, Licensing, Approvals), desirable (for better preparedness) or even forced (if you have to deal with an unplanned development), but whatever may be the situation, the remedy is to have right legal arrangement to deal with them. Our legal services may meet some of your requirement.

Typically we assist in Setting Foreign Companies in India, International Trade & Arbitration, Setting business outside India, ROC-E Filing, Compliances under Company, Labor & Other laws, STPI /EOU/EPZ Registration & compliances, SEBI Matters, Project Financing, JV, Collaboration, IPR (Trade Mark, Copyright, Patent and Design) registration, Protection and Enforcement issues, Due diligence for IPO, Mergers, Acquisition, Commercial and Contract related disputes, Litigation and Arbitration before Courts and Tribunals, Contracts for IT, BPO, Construction, Housing, Trading Houses, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Web based and E-commerce related agreements. Criminal, general practice, international, malpractice plaintiff, child support collection, creditors rights, entertainment, food drug, health care law, intellectual property, labor employers, patent trademark, wills trusts estates, administrative law, civil litigation, corporation partnership, education, finance, firearms laws, admiralty maritime, contract, elder law, sports law, adoption, civil rights, consumer law, employment, environmental, appellate practice, business litigation, family law, landlord tenant, real-estate, arbitration mediation, immigration, privacy law, sexual harassment, banking, computer, insurance, workers compensation, bankruptcy creditors, bankruptcy, child custody, copyright, Indian law, labor workers, pension, probate, franchise law, libel slander, products liability

Our Commercial litigation is concentrated mainly on Civil Suits, Property Matters, Writ Petition, Appeals, Consumers, Competition, Cyber & IPR Laws, Companies Act, Excise, Customs, Service Tax, Anti Dumping, Foreign Exchange, Income Tax Act, Securitization Act, Labour Laws, Corporate Criminal cases and Cases under C.P.C., Cr.P.C. & I.P.C. before Supreme Court, High Court, various Tribunals, Commissions, and Statutory Bodies.

FINANCIAL SERVICES: Unlike, Legal Consultancy, where, It is easier to define a legal consultant (typically to be called a legal consultant, you should be a lawyer, although not necessarily, but more or less this is accepted), the Financial Consultant and Consultancy is less structured and less precise for obvious reasons. There are number of professionals who are providing some type of financial consultancy, and the range is wide open (from C.A.+IIM to an insurance advisor). We look at it, from the view point of your requirement. You may be interested in knowing the right source of finance for the venture you are planning or running, or you may need different types of finance for your requirement (Term Loan, Working Capital, Cash Credit, Overdraft facility), or you may just need a financial modeling of the existing/planned activity, or may be interested in raising funds from Capital Market, FDI and so many other Financial services. Getting finance in any part of the world is primarily based on ones credibility or worth (no matter, you like it or not), from any source (Bank, FI, Stock Market, VC), and here we have little role to play. However, what we do is to make the things clear, and easier for you as well as lender so, that you get what you want (amount, time, form), and meet the requirement of the lender as well. Our typical financial services include

• Financial Proposal Making for New Projects/Expansion/Diversification

• Documentation (Prospectus/Presentation/Contract Drafting)

• Financial Modeling (Feasibility/Profitability/Scenario/CMA etc.)

• FDI/JV/Mergers & Acquisitions

• Break-Even Analyses

• Identifying Financing Alternatives

• Analyzing Financial Capacity

• Planning, Valuing businesses

• Due Diligence Reviews

• Forecasts and Projections

TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: Technology is the component, which brings everything to life. Ideally, everything else should follow it (at least, this is the case in developed economies), where INTERNET came first and then cyber law came, or SW/BIOTECH first started, and then IPR followed. But then, the present scenario is such that, technology is being considered in terms of its overall cost and not in terms of its principles. And, we are of this view, that unless you understand, it properly, you would be always swayed away by hawk under this garb or other garb. We are of this view, that, besides having access to right kind of technology, you must have an understanding of it. Keeping in this view in mind, our Technology Services are: Identification, Procurement, Negotiation, Incubation, Development etc., but again the focus is on awareness and informational aspect of technology to look at it as a means and not as a myth.

MARKETING SERVICES: This is the last, but most sought after, and equally challenging service that we offer. Everybody needs it, but the purpose, coverage, methodology, expected outcome, may be different. At the preliminary stage, a company, may just require an overview of the new geographical region, it is contemplating to enter (the existing Political-Social-Economic-Legal environment), or a company might require an overview of a particular sector (of the economy), before, it could arrive at a decision to enter into it. Sometimes, it may be for accessing aggregate demand for a particular product/service. However, the most precise and realistic of these surveys could be those, who tend to measure, the expected demand for a particular product/service, in a particular geographic region (and may be in a particular price band as well). Invariably in all these surveys, there are two factors (one is source of information and another is methodology & presentation). The methodology and pricing of these services depends on the choice of these factors. Typically, these reports can be classified as:

Global/Regional Study: For a geographical reason

Sector Study: For a particular sector (Local/National/Regional/International coverage)

Market size study: For a specified area

Demand estimation and forecasting: Primary research & Customer Survey