MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY : This is best suited for the going enterprises, and is basically meant for there improvement. It may be a dire need (for not so well performing enterprises) or may be a natural choice (for well performing enterprises). However, the mode of improvement and suggested solution would be always, a function of nature of the enterprise as well as type of situation, it is into. Some of the examples of the services, in this category are:

ACCESS & INTEGRATION SERVICES: These are typically suited for those micro, tiny and small enterprises, who although, meet all the primary requirement of an enterprise, but are primarily custom driven, and hence are not the part of organized business environment. For that reason, they have so many problems, the primary being access to organized business environment (finance, licensing, marketing etc.). Needless to say, we offer our services to them, so as to integrate them into mainstream business environment.

TECHNOLOGY IMPROVEMENT SERVICES: It is our common experience that, appropriate technology is a very week link for small enterprises (micro, mini, small) for so many reasons. It is one of our core area, to provide them right type of technology (by in house development or otherwise). The idea is to empower them, so that they are not dependent or afraid of technology, thus making use of it as per there requirement, rather than other way round, i.e. defining there requirement,as per the technology available/offered.

FINANCIAL SERVICES: We also, provide finance for small projects & ventures. And it is our endeavor to reach to genuine & deserving entrepreneur (so far out of the preview of the organized financial systems). This we do through our sister concern i.e. entrepreneurship development fund registered as a MFI with NABARD-Govt. of India. The entire range of financial services is quite large (because of its omnipresent nature), and we offer some of these services as well. However, the details of our other Financial Consultancy Services can be found under PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY head.

CASE STUDY SERVICES: Here comes the real test of our services. The idea, is, we would make a comprehensive study of your enterprise and would prepare a case study/profile of your organization, and would suggest you specific things (both qualitative as well as quantitative) for the improvement, as per your requirement, (irrespective of your performance status-loss making, going concern or profit making), and we will charge (substantial portion), only if our advice brings the desired result. Although, we do not specify any size limit for these types of services, it is our experience, that small & medium size enterprises need it most.