It’s a pleasure to introduce ourselves, as a SIX Years old Project Consultancy Firm, under the name PROJECT ENGINEERING SERVICES & CONSULTANCY-PESCONS. We are primarily engaged in providing different types of project & management related consultancy services & solutions for enterprises of different nature & sizes.

Although, the term consultancy is wide open to interpretation, and acquires different meaning and role under different circumstances, it is our endeavor to put this activity in the right perspective by our offering, services, and delivery model and success rate.

The scope and application of consultancy services in INDIA is wide open and is still evolving. It covers from KPMG/PWC to nearby PROPERTY DEALER. However, in our opinion, enterprises require different types of consultancy services at different stages and for different reasons. And this understanding of enterprise requirement and capability to deliver the solution is the first and last requirement for a successful consultancy assignment. To provide such a wide range of services and to meet different types of requirement of different enterprises (depending upon there size, stage, performance and need), we have divided our entire range of consultancy services into three distinct categories. These categories have been conceived and devised based on our experience of different types of requirement for different types of enterprises (based on size, nature and sector) and there intended objective at a particular point of time. The categories devised by us are:




Moreover, besides the main consultancy organizations (PESCONS), we have two specialized sister concerns as well to meet the specific consultancy requirements for different types of enterprises.

1. Complete Alternative Parallel Solution-CAPS (registered with govt. Of Delhi as an NGO/Trust)

2. Entrepreneurship development Bank-EDB (registered with MCA as a MFI under sec 25 of the companies act.)

3. All Services At All Places-ASAP (A subsidiary of PESCONS, which acts as a marketing support firm for entrepreneurs.)